I work with founders and startups that challenge the status quo. Because the status quo is what I once tried to change. And the status quo is who brought me to my knees. I help people and organizations do what I did. People and organizations that have set out to create new realities. Realities that change something for the better. Whatever that means for you. I help others do what I’ve made work with my own hands, seen work with my own eyes, and felt with my own feels: turn an idea into a story. And turn that story into reality. It really is that simple. That’s why it’s so powerful. Narrative is the code to program reality! I believe in this 100%. Do you? Are you a startup founder or operator in the early stages – or looking to pivot or rebrand? Is your product ready but your audience doesn’t get your story? Or does your visual brand identity make you feel like someone pressed prime rib into sausage casing? Send me a DM and let’s talk. :) /// Otherstate: Web: https://www.otherstate.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/otherstate X: https://twitter.com/theotherstate





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