IRL, I’m an attorney and traditionally published author of fantasy and science fiction for young readers. My writing under the name of Cryptoversal represents ongoing experiments in the format, structure, subject matter, and community features of Web3 technologies and culture. I am working toward the development of a creator economy that allows artists and writers to support themselves through their passions. I want to help readers hold ownership of the digital works that are meaningful to them. I want passionate curators to replace corporate gatekeepers and middlemen who separate authors from their readers. I want to publish innovative Web3 works that aren’t seen as investment vehicles, but as the seeds for spreading ideas and making connections. I want to see the ethos of decentralization applied to opposing all forms of oppression imposed by centralized powers or which are reliant upon centralized authorities. I want you to join me in promoting a version of Web3 that prioritizes environmental sustainability, diverse representation, equitable redistribution of resources, and inclusive access to technology.





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