Hi, Am a versatile and passionate human being. I love learning more on different aspects of skills; pspiritual self development and especially professional skills which could entails different array of skills in which I will have a foundation knowledge on each one. However, my top skill am focusing on is graphics designing. I have had over a year on graphic designing skills in which I could portray the business model or your preferred imaginations on a piece of art. Graphic design is a piece of an art which conveys the language of marketing business on info graphics, picture, colour, fonts and typography. Am quite an expert in designing the following graphics designs ∆ Logo design ( 2D/3D) ∆ Brand design ( Business flyers, Products design) ∆ Casual design ( Personal design, Birthday flyer) ∆ Image editing and image animation ∆ Social media content design ( Professional platform / Social media channel banner or cover art) ∆ Letter header ∆ Book cover design ∆ Info graphics ∆ Introductory logo animation Nevertheless, I can design possibly any design related to graphics design. Just give " ideas" and anticipate the creativity and uniqueness that would make your idea a reality. Time management, creativity, innovation and delivery within spiculated time are what makes my design unique. Am also diverse in delivering a few skills at a fundamental level so I could help you in other areas.


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