⚖️ A multidisciplinary legal professional who built her career in tech startups. ⛓️ DAO Governance and Operations framework design. 💻 Advisor, Consultant. 👩‍🎓 Teaching DAOs, decentralization, governance, tokenization in an online blockchain school. 👩 On a mission to bring more womxn legal professionals to the blockchain industry. 🌈 Strong advocate for diversity, inclusion, closing gender gap. 🎤 Conferences / Panels / Podcast speaker & guest on anything DAO, DAO & Legal, Womxn in Blockchain. 💻 Digital nomad since 2016. Never worked a day in an office. 🎙️DAO Today with Aleksa Mil is a thought-provoking podcast that aims to educate on DAOs, governance, their onchain and offchain challenges, and discuss the lack of diversity and inclusion in the blockchain industry. 🎙️ Block-C podcast is the first Serb/Croatian/Bosnian/Montenegrin educational podcast hosted by a female-male duo that aims to educate on blockchain, crypto, Web3, DAOs, NFTS, & Metaverse. I am available for: ✔️ DAO Governance and Operations Consulting or Advisory ✔️ DAO Business & Product Consulting/Advisory: If you are looking to Web3 your product/business, I can help you. ✔️ Education on DAOs, governance, decentralization, tokenization, & legal challenges. ✔️ Consulting with lawyers.


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