About us CEOSocial.io We started in 2018 producing intimate blockchain education & private investor company events (CityBlockchainSummit) during 2018 we attended and covered some of the best and largest US blockchain conferences and we also started a podcast: (building the blockchain.) In 2021 we added a digital marketing agency and content blog covering NFT trends and digital marketing: (Powerlocalmedia) And (Aprenlux) published our first EBook. We produce self help education livestreams using Blockchain technology (CEOSocial) and self help video courses: Metaverse made simple: Trillion $ Virtual Real Estate opportunity or boondoggle? We are now giving your company the opportunity to meet our business community and partner network! We have done all the hard work, we make it easy for any company with a time sensitive project to Co-sponsor Sponsor our next: livestream webinar-IRL VIP Dinner or Virtual public branding or private investor meeting


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