David Walker is one of the original pioneers of the global coworking movement and has been a leader in the industry for 15 years (since 2008). Two years before WeWork was founded, David co-founded and co-operated one of the first 50 coworking spaces in the world and grew it to three locations in 6.5 years in the City of Innovation, Austin Texas. Today there are 26,000+ coworking spaces globally. In 2014, he co-founded the first full-service global coworking consultancy, OpenWork Agency, which in April 2023 spun off its IP and service model resources into CoworkingConsulting.com. David and his partners have helped clients launch coworking businesses in places such as Nairobi, Singapore, Bahamas, Dubai, and numerous locations across the USA. Currently, David holds multiple roles: * Chief Collaboration Officer at CoworkingConsulting.com, a coworking consultancy helping entrepreneurs & real estate developers build coworking spaces; * Founding Partner of OpenWork Agency, a future of work consultancy for hybrid organizations; * Lead Coworking Consultant for SUCCESS Space, a new cafe/coworking/coaching franchise retail business model; * Business Development for CenterFuture.org, a non-profit technology incubator/accelerator in North AZ * Board Member/Co-Founder of xCommunity.org, virtual coworking community platform for AI enthusiasts; * Advisor/Director of Coworking for Solospace.org, a next-gen, photorealistic metaverse platform; Born and raised in the Lonestar State and a graduate of UT Austin, Walker has spent most of his life in Texas, but has also lived throughout Mexico, and is now settled in Prescott, Arizona with his wife and two sons. Personal mission: help evolve outdated models of work into dynamic, ecosystems of collaboration. Links: šŸ’» https://davidhwalker.com (links to blog and all my projects) āœ‰ļø [email protected] šŸ“² text/call/whatsapp +1 512 636 1887


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