DELAGéM is your ideal jewelry store. We have over 500 models of all styles of jewelry - from classic pearl earrings, to anklets and popular crystal jewelry. Our website features an expertly curated collection of brands and jewelry pieces. Each one meets these criteria: Quality. Any product should please you for as long as possible. All jewelry has a warranty period of between 6 months to a lifetime. Style. This is a very subjective criterion, but delagem.com will never feature something that is boring and dull. Symbols, signs and energies. The Founders have been studying astrology, tarot and spiritual practices of different nations for more than 10 years. There is no doubt the right ring or pendant has a huge impact on fortune - and beyond that - on destiny. Sustainability. It is extremely important to us that our products and business practices support sustainability. Our store offers both fashion jewelry and jewelry made of precious metals. Your order will be delivered within 2-5 days. If its value does not exceed 150 euro, you will not have to pay any unexpected charges (VAT or customs duties). We aim to show our jewelry in as much detail as possible in photos and videos. However, if something doesn't suit you, it is possible to return your order quickly and easily. Our jewelry store accepts all popular payment options for our German customers. These include Paypal, ApplePay and Invoice. In the near future, we will transform DELAGéM into a marketplace platform. This connects customers with jewelry stores and independent jewelers nearby. This gives you access to more choice, styles and unique jewelry designs.


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