DLA DAO - Equal Opportunity Play2earn (P2E) DAO Built by Players for Players. @ForgottenCorners First Play2Earn Metaverse in Development on DeSo by DLA DAO DLA DAO ENTRE COMMUNITY https://joinentre.com/community/join/1ed98dce-5a13-69e0-a060-69a8a84ce769 The future of Online Gaming is evolving with the rise of P2E Games across multiple Blockchains. NFT technology providing first ever True Player Game ownership has given many gamers already the chance to own a real piece of their favorite games, and earn revenue from these new world gaming economics. Measuring eSports popularity continuous growth & transition to P2E Gaming, we have pinpointed future weakness in the overall P2E NFT (non-fungible token) market - as most NFTs are low in supply compared to potential future demand - this could put many competitive NFTs out of price range for casual and even some Pro-Gamers leaving only gamers with the most money who might not be the most skilled to reign. Our Solution? $0 Upfront cost to Players - NFT Sponsorship Programs across the P2E Metaverses with Players First Policies including competitive earnings splits, ability to earn higher % splits up to 90% of Game Rewards earned, and/or gain access to higher Rarity NFTs to maximize Player earnings. Currently, we have 2 Sponsorship Programs EV.IO built on SOLANA Thunder Lands built on Polygon More Programs coming soon On top of Player Sponsorships, We offer a Competitive DLA Token Rewards Program to DLA DAO EV.IO CLAN MEMBERS (TOP 8 CLAN SINCE LAUNCH) More DLA Token Rewards Programs for new Gaming Clans to come NFT Sponsorships are Awesome, but more is needed to maintain decentralization of WEB3 Gaming. Very few Games offer built in NFT Lending Programs, but even the few are not without issues. DLA DAO"S Ultimate Mission is build & launch the first ever IBC enabled NFT Marketplace featuring a built in Sponsorship Platform enabling Public Sponsors like DAOs or Private Sponsors (Individual or Organization) to supply NFT Sponsorships for any P2E games whether the games have NFT lending programs or not. Best of all, with the Player First Polices this will create a safe environment for players to connect with Sponsors and gain access to the best sponsorships In WEB3. DISCLAIMER: DLA DAO is in beta and has not yet been audited. DLA DAO IS PROVIDED “AS IS”, AT YOUR OWN RISK, AND WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND. No developer, member, or entity involved with DLA DAO UI or smart contracts will be liable for any claims or damages whatsoever associated with YOUR use, inability to use, or interactions with other users of the DLA DAO, or DLA DAO DISCORD: including: any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages, or loss of profits, cryptocurrencies, tokens, or any other items of value. DLA DAO WALLETS @DLAdaoDeveloperFund BC1YLgcRBffg2PTxgCUd2X8bWdo4KnRiYzd63TLPzK4x9bBDnTxGRv3 @DLADAOHodlerRewards BC1YLfgsxQBknCAcwkJrzHgnLBgDVWKvMjYwLNftEQd3ntQu3D2ACxB @DLADAOairdropwallet BC1YLgCBJxqjmkzHi2tuLL7AX6fHLpmT139BKSsonNiTmQJwV4ah21U @DLADAOMarketingFund BC1YLjMZq2Qs5i5jQtehtJp9KfFuRKEbUYb3KNYRew3iL8YfEDJYgTA Development Team @IRIooSTeR @Stonks_N_Chomps @hhtr88der @frameworkfortune @FreshBueller6ix





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