As an accomplished Compliance Projects Manager, I have a proven track record of leading large-scale financial crime compliance initiatives for leading institutions in the banking, insurance, Fintech and Web3 industries. My role involves, but is not limited to, overseeing a team of certified compliance analysts to ensure rigorous adherence to global AML/CFT policies, conducting financial crime checks for World Bank funding projects, and delivering specialised crypto compliance training to financial and non-financial institutions. In addition to my compliance management expertise, I am a passionate crypto and blockchain investigator, proficient at utilising advanced blockchain analytics tools. My distinguished work in cryptocurrency investigations projects includes collaborating with the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII), under its Crypto Task Force Unit. This involves working alongside top crypto investigators from financial services organisations and law enforcement to disrupt illicit crypto flows related to Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) and human trafficking, thereby protecting vulnerable populations from exploitation. These efforts entail utilizing dark web intelligence tools and blockchain investigation tools. Additionally, as a volunteer Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) specialist with The Counterterrorism Group, I monitor and analyze global events to identify and mitigate threats, thereby supporting critical intelligence operations. I am also committed to mentoring the next generation of compliance professionals through the Diligence Advisory Financial Crime Awareness Academy (DAFCAA), where I have successfully been involved in mentoring 30 recent graduates into active compliance roles. My industry standard professional certifications include: - TRM Advanced Crypto Investigator (TRM-ACI) - TRM Crypyo Compliance Specialist (TRM-CCS) - Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator- Advanced Ethereum (CCI-E) - Chainalysis Reactor Certification (CRC) - Chainalysis Cryptocurrency Fundamentals (CCFC) - Anchain Certified Web3 Investigator (ACWI) - Notabene Travel Rule Certification (NB-TRFC) I have Technical Expertise in: - TRM Tactical investigation tool - Chainalysis Reactor tool - Qlue tool - Merkle Science Tracker - Elliptic Navigator tool - Etherscan open source tool - BSC Scan open source tool - Arkham Intelligence tool - Metasleuth open source tool - Breadcrumbs - Maltego OSINT tool - Darkus (Python Dark web OSINT tool) - Katana (Python Dark web OSINT tool) - UScrapPer (Python clear web and Darkweb OSINT tool)


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