🔆 Humanitarian Futurist & 🌐 Alliance Catalyst & 💠 Impact-Philanthropy Alliance Facilitator of Humanitarian Project Ecosystems & Alliance Funding Deployment, Coordination, and Direction. On a mission with agency to restore planetary ecosystems and establish a global network of Intergovernmental Innovation Zones and a Oceanic Network of Seasteading Floating Innovation Cities. Vice-Chairman of The Marine Foundation @ marinef.org/dylan/ Co-Founder@ Intellectual Properties Unlimited - Digital Platform of Fractional Ownership of IP Founder @ The Hanging Gardens Trust for Humanitarian Vertical Farming Contributor & Ambassador@ Meerreflection.com Founding Member@ Ark2030.org Co-Designer & Investor/Advisor@ Core.Network Founder@ The Dawn Humanitarian Confederation Board of Directors@Empowerment Institute Global Impact Fund for Reinventing the Planet🌎 Filmmaker @ WhiteNightFilms Scaling our Philanthropy/Angel/Impact-Network, inviting other Angels Investors and Visionaries to ally with us to 💸 scale our global impact and grow our ecosystem wealth to further accelerate a symphony of self-reinforcing change through disruptive technological alliances. Implementing a 🔆Philanthropic-Technological World Alliance 🌍 of Humanitarian Solution-Organizations, assisting with the near-term emergence of a planetary type 1 civilization on Earth and meet and scale the necessary technical leaps required within a global alliance framework, supporting/investing/co-designing a Unified Earth Operating System/🌐Metasphere. Contact Me 💡 on Instagram or http://linkedin.com/in/dylanhowardhumanitarian Vision: Philanthro-Capitalist Eco-Alliance 🌐 A vision where all emerging technologies can synthesize and organize into a coordinated confluence of humanitarian projects & global infrastructure. Connecting Whole Systems Knowledge, Disruptive Technology, Human Rights and Natural Law & Global Indigenous Wisdom. ♾ Specialties: Nation Growth Hacking, Deeply involved in disruptive High-Tech, Bio-Tech, Bio-Defense, Clean-Tech, Water-Tech and Fin-Tech/Blockchain solutions. Working closely with Sovereign Indigenous Nations, Technological Alliances, Humanitarian Think-Tanks, Merchant Banks, Free-Economic Zones around high-finance, Artificial Inteligence, and Philanthropy. Collected and integrated 100s of classified/public technologies / projects & 1000s of multi-disciplinary organizations and visionaries within an alliance superstructure to fully scale solutions worldwide.


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