Ken Stewart, Founder, ECOE™ Texas U.S. 76085 (from Vancouver, BC Canada) 👉 Home to Your #VR #Universe of #3D #Worlds Want a guided tour? - Call me into an Entre Voice-chat & I"ll show you in minutes what could take you months to explore, via Entre"s share screen feature. It"s more than a Metaverse! ~ YOU Own it > Web3 at its finest. The following shares a little on how you can own & profit by this VR Universe, how 100% of all the Universe Generated Revenue is returned to the 3D Citizen users & 2 +1 charitable drives & organizations, with a little about my 3D VR Bio & Internet history. I bring vast 3D & VR experience to Entre via having found DeSo on Oct. 8, 2021, & the 3D #VirtualReality Universe of Worlds I"ve put well over 55,000 hours into building. We call it a "Universe" since it can house every #Metaverse ever created and yet to come. 💎I"ve given it to all on DeSo & #Web3 interested parties. It is that simple; those who plugin & take the reins will manage & run it all, it"s for everyone to build their own sovereign & 100% decentralized community on the future of the Internet & #Web3. "ECOE" is 1 of my companies 👉 Every Child On Earth, LLC This is to be transformed into a charitable foundation to assist abandoned, battered & abused women & children, along with a secondary foundation to assist orphans to gain a foothold in the world with scholarships and housing programs... A third of the 30% profit share pool goes to support of 3D Citizen elected charitable efforts. ~ The Universe supplies 30% of all revenue generated towards these causes. The other 70% of all Universe generated revenue is paid back to the 3D Citizen members via the FARR project ~> the Family Affiliate Referral Rewards project. My focus now is Web3 via DeSo & giving to all what I built in this 3D VR Universe... - We do NOT need "goggles" to inhabit the Avatars, & can run, dance, walk, fly, play & slap a High 5 to passersby. Every Dev Team with a community-feed tied Node/App built on the #freedom of the DeSo Protocol can receive their own Custom 3D World & Logo Branded 3D Browser App download to drop users directly into the 3D World they Curate, & unlimited #NFTs, #Photography arts & crafts can be loaded in the Art Galleries open to everyone walking around, all at zero cost... ~ The Universe Curated 3D Worlds do not charge any fees to creators: all work & revenue remains in the full control and hands of the #Artists. Monetization is achieved via interactive display of what you already do for your work or business & curating sale of the Virtual Real Estate (Zones) available in many 3D Worlds. - 3D Citizens can choose to build a dream home (or anything their mind"s eye can see), select one of the Universe Curated Twin Towers to have a free Executive 3D Office in and market anything they choose to share. Open a full Store in a strip mall on a street, setup in a Shop or Kiosk in the 3D Mall already built, & watch shoppers arrive via the Monorail that runs through it with an on/off boarding station in the middle. Anyone into #realestate? ~ You can open your own 3D World & become a 3D real-estate mogul offering sale of land Zones in a 3D World as the Curator, or via Shop & Kiosk offerings. Ask me for a share screen virtual tour, I do them for folks around the world all the time. ~ English speaking only. I"m a Developer, Editor, Trainer, Investor, Networker, Crypto Advocate, Inventor + more, I"ve done a lot, & been online since the Arpanet when we all sent a Fax waiting on the future of email (early Internet, pre-Windows). I look to assist in taking the direction social media into a Web3 thinking and practice, away from the direction it"s all gone with the control and ownership of everyone"s data. I became a Master Builder in 3D VR in 1999 to open a 3D VR Universe housing multiple Worlds, & in 2001 launched my own Web hosting & ISP company with over 180,000 dialup numbers (more than AOL & MSN combined) & simply threw in a 3D Citizenship with the service. But all that"s changed with my moving on in years (I"m now 60) with no heirs to leave it all too, I"m giving it to all who see the vision of freedom of Web3 and encourage it on. There is no corporate structure, I"ve designed a unique self-management system where the 3D Citizens are the boss & elect fellow 3D Citizens to a Seat on the Counsel of 13 to manage it all. YOU Truely Own it This Time! DeSo Long🖖And Prosper™ 💎 See more VR 3D 👉 https//DiamondApp.com/u/ECOE Copyright © 2023 ECOE™ Every Child On Earth, LLC All Rights Reserved.


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