Just so you all know during the course of this year I already made my own #NFT collection on #Opensea and #Solsea platforms under the name #zues369 to view my work link are opensea.io/Zues369 and as well I made my own currency for both #BNB #smartchains and #Solana network so that means I can send anyone my token in exchange for #BTC , #Eth or Solana or any of your coins my #token my coin for Solana network is the link to my coin is https://solscan.io/token/5pnEnSsky1L2xrd4Nqj4oiKgsDLqPHstnkVP4XwKicmX and wallet to send in exchange for Solana network is 6BgykTnnaeSqgeAF8xMmPJtnt5MxNPmuXcW6U8vx2k5F or if you use #Metamask instead of #phantomwallet the address is for btc eth and other Address is 0x2c0151B105db7a1E802fD9E517feE76C2AB026f9 So what have you been up to lately? do you even know anything about anything I speak of? or you have only been to parties ? ... oh well the world passed your eyes, my friend, invest in crypto today it going to help you in the later stage it is not too late you are the only one that can make a stand on what you want in your life Cheers Charly signing out \(β€’-β€’)π’‚Όπ’…ˆπ’„„ Blood type #rhnegativebloodline Persona #infj Twitch = twitch.tv/atrahasis369 NFT"s https://opensea.io/Zues369 Server = https://discord.gg/3yNwFyPzUb


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