I"m an independent contractor, Web 3 content creator, and sometimes a highly paid storyteller. Sometimes. I write stories about my experiences in Web 3. Sometimes I make whitepapers readable... dare I say...enjoyable. Sometimes I write punchy website copy. Sometimes I help with market communications and brand messaging stuff like Voice, Tone and Style guides. I can even edit if I have to. But I prefer to call it "script doctoring." More importantly, I write about the folks I meet on my Web 3 journey. I tell stories about how what they"re building will usher in the future. I love to learn from people who are smarter than I am. I love to listen to industry experts, computer scientists and blockchain devs. I love to decipher the needs of a community. I"ll ask, dig, and probe until I find the best possible angle to tell your story. #LFG


Content CreatorCopywriterConsultant


Artificial IntelligenceCrypto/BlockchainNFTsWriting/PublishingMetaverse

Looking For

Build community / Host eventsMeet new peopleFind a Job, Gig, or Internship