I am a top-rated senior software engineer with 6+ years of professional experience working with JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue, Angular, Node, Express, Nest, Meteor, Feather, and PHP platforms including Laravel, Symfony, powerful blockchain technologies such as Web3.js, Ethers.js, Solidity, Truffle, and all things about DeFi, dApp, NFT and more. The technologies I use every day include React, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Docker and more. The tech stacks I use are MERN, LAMP, TALL, and JAM stack, and using these technologies, I developed large complex applications including LMS, social media platforms, real estate, booking systems, e-commerce stores, as well as SaaS products. Due to its popularity, I have done extensive work with WordPress throughout my career, including PSD/Sketch/Invision to custom theme development, custom plugin development, API development/integration, plugin extension/customization, and theme/child theme implementation/customization. I have also done a great deal of work customizing/extending the Woocommerce plugin for WordPress.


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