You can follow and share my husband"s music on Mousai: https://mousai.stream/artist/5947/hubert-tubbs Please check out my NFTz zone: https://elizabethtubbs.nftz.me/ The Intuitive Flash Course w/Dr. Marcia Emery & Elizabeth Tubbs: https://theintuitiveflashcourse.thinkific.com/ _____________________________________________ I am here learning. My passions are music and working with intuition best practices. My husband is a singer songwriter with years of entertaining, touring and recording. I post his original music and share interviews of other indie artists . It is very important for all of us to support our indie artists and find paths of entry into the metaverse for and with them. Most indie artists I know will benefit from learning how to generate NFT"s and hold online events. Many are so busy writing, recording and touring it is almost impossible for them to take on more tasks. I hope to turn artists onto the metaverse and folks here onto some great music. I have also held courses and shared insight on what it takes to "Live One"s Intuition" - how to incorporate into everyday life - One"s Intuition and some Best Practices. I believe Intuition in the Metaverse is a huge topic, as so much is going on we need to strengthen our decision making abilities and find the courage to walk the meandering path that is right for us even when it doesn"t make sense. I weave in and out of these topics, Music & Intuition. I like sharing and having discussions on both topics.





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