I’m an expressionist seascape and cloudscape photographer, digital artist and abstract painter living in Mauritius. My art is about 3 things: connection (between the ocean, her inhabitants & us), regeneration (of coral reefs & endangered oceanic species) and colour (of the ocean, the sky and the clouds). Since receiving my first camera at the age of 9, my photography has evolved to become expressionist and, at times, abstract. My niche is high-dynamic range imaging. I’m passionate about protecting coral reefs. Living on islands for more than a decade, I have come to appreciate the importance of ocean conservation in keeping our earth heathy and habitable. I’m an advocator for coral reef regeneration and this had led me to use my seascape photographs to create NFT collections with the aim of raising funds for coral replanting globally. My digital artworks and abstract paintings are uniquely inspired by my photography, no matter the subject. In 2019, I won “Best Contemporary Fine Art Photographer” in the MEA Business Awards. I have exhibited physical and digital artworks in South Africa, across Europe, Mauritius, USA and China. My artworks are sold internationally and are in private collections worldwide including Mauritius, Malta, Spain, Netherlands, North America, Australia and South Africa.





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