An adaptable and resilient individual; with an enthusiastic approach to change and a growth mindset. I have a decade of professional experience in diverse areas, ie. Finance, Operations and Marketing. This has given me the exposure to many different industries and more importantly, helped me build diverse relationships over the years. I fell in love with Marketing in 2014, which then prompted me to leave a career in Finance. I’ve worked with a multitude of global brands, (predominantly within the FMCG - Unilever, education and United States political sector). I have extensive behavioral marketing experience. In terms of Performance Marketing, I am highly proficient, with supporting technical credentials in Google Ads and Analytics (GA4), Facebook Blueprint, Twitter Flight School and TikTok Advertising, (to name a few). // I’ve since shifted back to finance as the Chief Marketing Officer at Ratio Finance. Ratio Finance is a Quantitative Risk Assessment Protocol. Its first use case is allowing investors in the Solana ecosystem to extend the capabilities of their liquidity provisioning efforts by minting our stablecoin (USDr), using their LP tokens as collateral. Our mission is to unlock the liquidity of Solana’s assets, and minimize the downside risk for liquidity providers in the DeFi ecosystem with complete transparency. Our vision is to De-risk DeFi using quantitative and qualitative risk metrics, and credit risk modeling to build cutting edge financial products that allow retail and institutional investors alike to understand and mitigate the risks associated with this new unique asset class. // My passion lies in the advancement of developing economies, through technological adoption. As such, I am the Founder & CEO at The Lucid Group (my 20 percent project) and our mission is to provide purpose-driven brands with sustainable digital solutions with a strong focus on context, which we call - Clarity through Perspective. I want to bring together futurist thinkers and visionaries; who possess a lust for learning approach, to drive change with transformative leadership coupled with sustainable business practice. Essentially, I hope to use my innovative, strategic, and critical-thinking to provide purposeful and impactful work globally.


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