FAME IS NOT THE FORTUNE OF GOD BUT BY THE HAND OF A PUBLICIST. Forever grateful that i pushed myself to stay committed on my company. Just 2months of eating 🍽 frugal and always watching my spending were not fun. I always wanted to go travel! And live on my terms. I have no BOSS. And my life is about to change because the power being connected. I just had my FIRST $2.1k in a day ONLINE I gave myself the best gift at 21yrs young entrepreneur would want for Christmas*(I couldn’t afford gifts for my family or myself)* Thank you 🙏🏼 past mindset and everybody that helped this become a reality for me. Why am I telling you this you ask? This is going to be my story that will take to help MILLIONS of people. I dropped out if Valencia College 2yrs ago, Went to sell T-mobile got scammed out of $700 ↩️, I had a unfortunate toxic house hold 🏡 The note, I placed myself on the 14th. I"m not a millionaire not a millionaire in currency, but in mindset I’m already there. Now CEO at COGENT LIFESTYLE! Make the change because nobody will make it for you.




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