I’m the Founder of Fintech Recruiter, a leading global recruitment boutique serving the fintech, blockchain and crypto space. I have several well funded crypto, blockchain and fintech clients who are hiring for the following remote based positions: Infrastructure Engineers - Linux, UNIX, cloud services (AWS, Google Cloud, etc.), Kubernetes/Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, CI/CD, Golang, Python, C/C++, JavaScript, SQL/NoSQL Security Software Engineers - Linux/UNIX, AWS, scripting (Ruby, Perl, Python), TCP/IP, OSI network layers, automation (Drone, Puppet, Chef) Backend Engineers - Rust, Golang, Python, AWS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes Smart Contract Engineers - Solidity, public key infrastructure, crypto-economic primitives (tokens), protocols, incentive systems, mechanisms, P2P networks, Software Engineers - NodeJS, Typescript, JavaScript and at least one backend language (java, Go, Rust , Please send your resumes to [email protected] or [email protected] or apply online at https://fintechrecruiters.com/


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