I am a dad and husband. My daughter has a rare neurological disorder that affects her ability to walk and talk intermittently. It’s undiagnosed even after years of doctor visits. Her hard days are harder than any day I ever have. I also have a son who loves Fortnite and animals. My kids are my world. My wife is a midwife and literally saves lives when she’s not bringing new life into the world with ease. Her hard days are also harder than my hardest days. I ran multimillion dollar projects as a Project Manager for a construction company for a decade until the pandemic changed all of that. Now, I’m an executive & leadership coach to construction professionals focusing on emotional IQ and communication IQ, as well as mindset work. I’m also a Certified Fair Play Method facilitator and a Certified RETAIN Parental Leave Coach. I run workshops for both of these services, as well as alternate track coaching programs for individuals and couples. My core beliefs: Give more than you take. Everything can be figured out. Ask for help, you don’t know it all. Admitting you need help is strength, not weakness. Providing means more than just financial. I encourage my coachees to consider their own definitions instead of accepting what the world hands us. Often, these are lies and half-truths based on antiquated ideas and other people’s expectations and don’t serve us. I have a communication newsletter called The 3 Point Advantage. It’s free and written to help people level up their own communication practices at home and at work. I have a dog, a cat, a red-footed tortoise, a ball python, and a bearded dragon. I’m looking for a good fit work from home opportunity or to take on more paying clients so I can support my family. Nice to virtually meet all of you. If I can help you either with coaching services or as a good fit for your company, don’t hesitate to reach out and say hello! Cheers! FVR





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