I"m the one who wears multiple hats. Computer Science Engineer with a high EQ and set of Marketing skills. 10+ years as a Product/Senior Product Manager. Both in Corporations and Startups. Strong organisational and leadership mindset. Ninja in Analyses and Reserching. Passion for WEB3/Blockchain/Crypto/Socials/Metaverses. I ride motorcycles, snowboards, horses, kites and mtb bikes. Hold Vipassana (a 10 days silence meditation course). Into Kundalini yoga and ancient Tibetan practices. Expert in lucid dreams, regression techniques, fasting, healthy eating/living lifestyle. I know how to focus on right things, be conscious and in a Presence and I help others in achieving the same.


Business ProfessionalConsultantProduct Manager


Artificial IntelligenceBlockchainCoachingCryptoWeb3

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