A creator who loves to raise the vibration! Project Description: Our project offers high utility usage through future-proof product development, and community-driven onboarding and pedagogy passive income strategies, to encourage self-teaching and paths to: Fund Your Retirement Early. Through our DAO and multiple established channels in both web 3 and IRL; in conjunction with both our Creator Coin and DAO Coin, sales from marketplace NFTs, In-Kind NFTs, and FYRE Army services; we will establish our first funding round for holders, dao, and admin affiliates. Funds from this pool in turn fund large projects that the DAO has voted on, and the continued efforts of donating shoes to various non-profit organizations, and securing land & raising an agriculturally based ghost city. The land will be offered for free, and the deed can be secured after building a residential home within the requirements, within a year. The goal is to have 10 homes completed within 3 years, and the agricultural hub launched, with funds from the treasury. It all starts with a pair of shoes...learn more at our website. I am a mother, creator, developer, realtor, daughter, spouse, sister, and friend! I have past experience as a Tier 1, entering Tier2 Tech for Comcast via Concentrix. I served two Terms with Americorps as a Vista Volunteer Coordinator for agriculturally based, and ....driven I have also worked in the fields of Real Estate, Non-Profit, and Event & Marketing, to name a few. I invite you all to help is in properly educating Web2 and Web3, and together, we can all achieve FYRE!


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