As the CEO of MediaShares and a regular speaker at Wall Street and Fintech conferences, I advise companies on the new methods for marketing investment offerings on Crowdfunding platforms like SeedInvest, StartEngine, and WeFunder. For public companies needing funding, MediaShares also has investors for secondary offerings. MediaShares has developed a network of 112,000 potential investors. We are presently consulting for ITBiometrics, MySureFit.com, mySongbird.com, and Encore Enterprises. MediaShares also provides innovative funding solutions using online investment offerings. We apply our U.S. Patented methodology, system, and software to help FINRA Brokers and their issuers to CrowdFund Public Offerings using Regulation D, Regulation CF, and Regulation A+. Using our system and software in a typical SEC-compliant public offering, MediaShares"​ methodology helps issuers and their FINRA brokers market their shares to a massive online community of loyal fans and shareholders. In the past we worked with Ely Callaway, Chairman of Callaway Golf, creating over four hundred television commercials that introduced and promoted the "Big Bertha"​ line of golf clubs. During the years that we worked with Callaway, their total sales increased from $21 million to $843 million. Phone: 1-310-871-3668 Specialties: Regulation A+, CrowdFunding, Direct Public Offerings, Direct Registration, Video marketing, Live Internet Broadcasts, Affinity Marketing, Startup IPO"s, STO"s,





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