I love this industry. In the past 10 years I made numerous Apps and Games from zero to market, both teamed and solo. I"ve been doing remote consultancy for the past 6 years. Built a tutoring app with a UK edtech startup, made a gamified fintech solution for a London studio, developed augmented reality experience for a Dutch game publisher, created smaller UI/UX design projects across the globe and more. I also worked for a fast-moving agency for years, collaborated on various products, early-phase start-ups in close-knit agile teams. Besides, I released several self-published products throughout the years embracing every responsibility from ideating through every phase of production to customer support. I often create both art/design and code, so I provide great value when you need someone to build you a standalone product (MVPs, Prototypes) from the ground up. Most experienced at UI/UX design and development, app architecture, plan and build custom interactions/visuals/systems.




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