Author Gloria-Jean Brown – “365+Tips To A More Efficient YOU (How To Increase Your Efficiency by 55%) and “Live A Joy-Filled Life DAILY – GJ’s Simple Guide On How To Be Efficient”. Proofreading service - April 2021. Contact via [email protected] for further info and pricing. Podcast “Take Back Your Time with GJ” - anchor.fm/gloria-jean-brown She was born and raised in Chester, Pennsylvania; and attended parochial schools for 12 years. She is a graduate of Keystone Business College in Swarthmore, PA. She enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1970. She served in the Administration field for 3 years and as a Medical Technologist for 8 years, leaving with the rank of Staff Sergeant. Gloria-Jean is an only child – this led to various solitary pursuits, such as, car and boat model building. She has built a working replica of the Starship NCC Enterprise. She, also, develops puzzles for classes she teaches. GJ’s personal favorite puzzles are logic and cryptogram. She was a Library Aide for 4 years while in High School. She, also, enjoyed Volleyball. While in the Air Force, GJ was stationed in Germany and has traveled to Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Austria and many cities in Germany via both car and Rhine River cruises. Living with a German family, she and her family ‘really’ participated in the local life. Other locales would include Bermuda, Montreal and Toronto – Canada. Administration is GJ’s strong suit. Even before her military days, she always kept things neat and in order. She can even find things in the dark! After working for Canon USA for 7 years, she left to develop her own businesses. Marketing the behavioral assessments allows her to share a unique prospective with others and that is, “You can be happy in your own world, whatever that world is!” and “Make your own sunshine” – is another favorite. EB * GB Enterprises, LLC is a multi-faceted company formed by Earlton and Gloria-Jean Brown in 1989. Since October 1996, Gloria-Jean has been consulting, through the use of assessments; with a variety of clientele from Government agencies to Corporations to Non-Profit organizations. She provides Time Management Coaching Services through ‘Coaching by GJ’. Gloria-Jean was an Internet Radio Co-Host/Engineer on ”Rock The Flow”, part of IM4RADIO Broadcasting Network – for 5 years. Gloria-Jean has been happily married for 35+ years to Earlton. She is the Mother of two Daughters and Grand-Mother of four.





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