Heather Montgomery is a tech leader, media disruptor, innovator and educator in sexual wellness, impacting social reform. Heather is a world class leading edge revolutionary in the media industry focusing on ‘sex positive content and conversation between adults’ as the new norm. She invites us to experience the joy of being fully integrated with our sexuality. To do so one may need to reprogram entrenched beliefs; psychologically, physiologically, and behaviorally. It will require existing paradigms to change for new possibilities to be experienced. The freedom of access to healthful sexual content is necessary to evolve this part of our being. As Founder and CEO of PleazeMe, she challenges the status quo as it relates to the way people treat sex in life and society, especially for women. "At PleazeMe, we are committed to those who choose to be accountable for moving the love, joy, and bliss dial towards a more fulfilling life—and having the freedom and security to be more expressive, without judgement, while dating or in relationship. We are an efficient, solution-driven community platform providing the personalized tools and education to safely explore a satisfying sexual journey towards an exchange that is good for you and good for the world." ~ Heather Montgomery





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