I am a well-rounded Biomedical Ph.D Researcher with strong biology-background researching various topics over 10 years with critical thinking and dynamic communication skills. I have experience and skills in the bioengineering field which researched various cell therapy projects and enjoy researching topics. I worked as Chief Operations Officer with 3 years of delivery/distributor company (Nexus Logistics Inc.) with committed to cost-effective resource management and performance quality to achieve stable operation. Now, I am working as general manager/CFO on ANPOLY/ANPOLY America (Nanocellulose Company). I am in charge of overseeing overseas sales and marketing for CNF, as well as the overall business of overseas business. Nanocellulose Fiber (CNF) has a tensile modulus similar to that of Kevlar, has a low density, and has a large specific surface area. Because of these advantages, it can be applied to various fields such as lightweight composite materials, packaging materials, filtration devices, cosmetics, and medical biomaterials. ANPOLY is a technology-based venture company established by POSTECH researchers with the goal of developing innovative, eco-friendly, future-oriented new materials. ANPOLY is doing its best to develop natural-derived nano-bio material and application technology that can replace various synthetic polymers including plastics.


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