Hey, what's going on? Isaac Mashman here. I am a businessman, author, coffee addict, investor, podcaster, and speaker. I founded my first company Mashman Ventures on April 17, 2020, a public relations firm specializing in helping create, maintain, and scale unrivaled personal brands. I’m previously hosted the business and self-development podcast Chase the Vision with Isaac Mashman, and am in the process of launching a new show later this year in 2023. I published my first book, Personal Branding: A Manifesto on Fame and Influence on November 1st, 2021. It’s currently available on Amazon and other major retailers. In January 2022 I launched two new companies, Mashman Investments, and Mashman Properties within one week of each other. You can expect to see me post content covering a variety of topics such as business, branding, mindset, and anything else that has helped me. I am here to help you cut time frames and get the results you want in life without all that guru crap. I would love to add you to my network and talk over coffee. Let’s connect! You can find me on my website isaacmashman.com and across all social media including Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter @isaacmashman


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