Hey, whats up? Do you need to hire an elite software engineer? Or are you a software engineer wanting a chance to build in crypto? If you answered yes to one of these questions, you are in the right place. It doesn"t matter whether you are hiring or applying - both are time consuming, stressful and emotional. At SCALERR, we offer a premium service to streamline this process. The result? We protect our clients and candidates from these headaches. The beautiful part of my role is that my hard work translates to three happy parties - the client, the candidate and myself. Why me? I"ve been heavily involved in crypto for a number of years now - researching, trading and investing in cryptocurrencies and NFT"s. More importantly, I"ve built strong connections throughout the crypto / Web 3 community. I have a unique level of expertise that will be near impossible to find in any other crypto recruiter - worldwide. I have a deep understanding of the origins, culture and purpose of the cryptocurrency movement. This has two outcomes: 1. I love recruiting in this space and find my work fun. 2. My clients / candidates are relaxed knowing that I have immense industry knowledge. I pride myself on my honesty, enthusiasm and genuineness. I"m a world-class relationship builder with top tier communications skills and a passion for helping others achieve their goals. I"m a prolific networker, purely because I love connecting with people on a deeper level. If you want to hire elite software engineers or build a part of the blockchain revolution yourself, contact me now. +61 429 074 540 or email [email protected] Cheers, Jack. ___________________________________________________________ SCALERR is a global software + technology consultancy. We add value to high-growth organisations through strategy, people and partnerships. We partner with high growth software and tech businesses to help them hit their growth goals and achieve what they set out to through long term relationships, hard work and honesty.


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