I"ve been traversing the world, working with companies and creative agencies, helping brands grow from all corners of the planet. I"ve led teams and creative agencies that have impacted the Food & Bev, FMCG, FinTech, and Audio streaming and Podcasting industries. After loads of different experiences in the marketing and client space (both good and bad), I"ve learned a few things: - Businesses require a different agency model while solving in-house requirements and generating maximum impact. - We now know we can work from anywhere and be happy, effective, and even more innovative. - As we become more globally conscious, so do our projections on how we do business - new business is taking a more conscious shape. As Founder of Wilkinson Marketing, I"m creating an ever-expanding collective of marketing experts in their places of happiness, creating work that turns heads the right way for the right reasons. I work with companies with a positive outlook on the world and actively aim to help or positively impact the people they serve. This project is born in Bali and stretches around the world through clients and creative connections. Our way of working champions freedom. Freedom breeds happiness, and happiness generates creativity.


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