Proven, diverse, forward-thinking cyber leader. Direct yet compassionate sense of leadership. Heavily certified with current certifications including CISSP, CCNA-C, Sec+, Net+, Server+, Cloud+, AZ900, AZ500 and many more. BASc in Information Security and minor in Digital Forensics from WIU. Over 10 years of IT knowledge, 8+ years of Azure and AWS security and experience in both building out complex cybersecurity and cloud security solutions and consulting on already in place solutions. Assisted in many different migrations, ranging from micro-migrations to full scale, lift and shift and on prem to cloud migrations. Led teams of over 50, managed cyber risk analysis and budgetary needs based on FAIR risk model and other cost-based cyber risk measurements. Currently seeking new cyber/cloud security/IT management, directorial, and executive roles. Easily a valuable addition to a hungry team. Advocate, mentor, public speaker, published author and poet, musician and former D3 athlete—creativity and innovation are always at my core whenever I solve analytical challenges. I am a communicative leader—I will take my time to meet clients, coworkers, execs—whoever—where they are at and develop solutions that they understand and can get behind. Having been in directorial positions for many years, I can say that being a “people person” and work in tech is hard to come by! But when you do find those people, such as myself, we are fearlessly vocal about our work and strive every day to be what this industry needs. Open to new opportunities at the moment—do not hesitate to reach out!




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