I am the heart and soul behind Capstone Project Services, LLC. My journey, spanning diverse industries and multinational teams, has instilled in me a deep expertise in project controls, cost engineering, and digital product ownership. My commitment to service began with the United States Marines Corps, where I took on roles in finance technology. As I transitioned into the corporate realm, I had the privilege to work with leading companies, with each role teaching me invaluable lessons and sharpening my skill set. Holding an MBA and being a strong advocate for digital transformation, I"ve taken the lead on numerous pivotal projects, championing efficiency through innovative solutions. My familiarity with Project Management & Agile/Scrum methodologies and proficiency in tools like Smartsheet, Power BI, and Oracle has empowered me to stay at the forefront of today"s tech-driven business landscape. Leadership, for me, goes beyond just titles. It"s about building cohesive teams, fostering transparent communication, and ensuring all stakeholders feel valued and heard. My mission has always been to empower businesses, especially small ventures, to confidently navigate the digital age. When I"m not immersed in work, I"m an eager learner, continuously exploring the next big trend or innovation. My philosophy revolves around constant growth and embracing change – a mindset I bring to every project and collaboration. I invite you to connect with me, delve deeper into my experiences, and explore how together, we can drive transformative solutions for your business.


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