Oluwabamidele is my name, feel free to call me Olu. I had only heard about technology since childhood and appeared to be a rookie, but everything changed when a buddy introduced me to the world of digital marketing. I meticulously learned and got a lot of experience, and it was a mixed bag of emotions. I"m an enthusiastic individual that is constantly motivated to advance, engage in self-development, and accept your ideas with open arms. I"m a skilled website designer and email marketer with deep interest in content writing and copwriting. My professional experience stretches back four years, when I began writing brand copy and leveraging my design and digital talents to generate sales and expand businesses while producing verifiable outcomes. I enjoy conducting research and developing effective tactics. When I start on a job, I design with aesthetic brilliance, always leaving a stamp of quality behind. I create with imagination, and with me on the team, success is certain. Call me the gentleman with the golden touch.





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