Hello, I"m Jay Stansfield, an artist and multipotentialite hailing from Colne, Lancashire, UK. I"m the creative mind behind The Squibbles, a children"s brand that has been acknowledged as one of IndyBest"s Top 10 Colouring Books in 2021. My 3D modelling work has received international recognition with exhibitions at Art Basel Miami and NFT_NYC. I"ve also had the privilege of collaborating with artists worldwide and supporting emerging talent. Recently, I was commissioned by Bookmark Reading Charity to illustrate over 5000 boxes for their Ukraine Appeal, a project I"m extremely proud of. As the founder of Squibblesville Studios Ltd, I"m dedicated to pushing artistic boundaries. This drive resonates in my band, ALL HAIL HYENA, which has captivated over 14 million viewers. My professional journey has seen me video editing for top-tier brands like Dr. Martens, Bloomberg, and Samsung, and producing promotional content for local businesses. I"ve also produced tracks with artists like EMF, Martin Carr, Dodgy, and Republica. With a 15-year stint as a creative computing specialist in primary schools, my troubleshooting and creative consultancy skills are honed and invaluable. Currently, I"m contributing to the future of technology as a young person"s advocate at the Web 3.0 startup, Polygon Alliance.




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