Angel investor, startup advisor, entrepreneur, ideator, engineer, published author, producer, journalist, MVP developer (Bubble), and a few other things ... https://bit.ly/31eyOTM I have worked with a few hundred startups. Always on the lookout for new ideas, connections and companies to support and invest in. No specific vertical, but special attention goes to FinTech and Space startups. Some of the feedback from my mentees: “It’s clear after speaking with Jett that he’s standing from a place with years of experience and a clear understanding of the startup, and fintech landscape. He gave me a lot of really helpful critique, and a ton of things to go back and think about. It forced me back to the drawing board to reexamine our offering and where I should instead be focusing our energy. It was a humbling experience and I’m excited to keep moving forward now, knowing where I stand.” "You"ve been nothing but a wealth of support and wisdom." "I found myself reflecting on the feedback you gave us early winter and how that wound up being implemented." "Jett was an amazing mentor with great real world feedback. He’s helped our startup go from prototype to MVP phase in less than two months. He also helped us with our business model, financials and everything in between. I highly recommend Jett to any startup who needs help from getting their idea off the ground. He will always make time to meet and give honest feedback from the view of an investor." "You were an incredible mentor and I’m overcome with how much you’ve given to us. I feel so honored to have had you guiding us." "I spoke with Jett for an hour. I have been in the business world for some time. He had advice and knowledge that I enjoyed hearing. He has an open mind and thinks outside the box. If you need some solid information or just a refresh he is great at putting everything into perspective." "Jett has provided us with deep insight behind the process while making sure that he understands the essence of the problem we’re trying to solve by really understanding our perspective. By going into the hard details of what startups must entail in their early stages, he really helped shift our viewpoint on what matters the most in showing results and value, and has given us incredible advice. Thank you so much!" "If you"re creating any form of a tech start-up, you NEED to speak with Jett! He put things into perspective and gave me some much needed criticism. Greatly appreciated!" "Your advice actually allowed me to break through. Appreciate it more than I can say."





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