I help entrepreneurs & coaches to 3X their sales in 6 months or less - guaranteed! | IMPACT Sales Coach | Speaker & Business Connector I"m excited to be a new member of Entre! I"m the Founder of The Sales Activist, a sales coaching and consulting firm and I also own an international entrepreneur collaboration community called M3Linked. I’ve generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales revenues for large and small companies across my career. From the Fortune 50 down to solopreneurs, I’ve seen and done it all in sales. I’ve also coached, trained or mentored over 3,500 sales professionals and entrepreneurs and my program has been seen in Bloomberg, Yahoo News, USA Today, ABC, NBC & Marketwatch and MORE. In fact, the thing I’m most proud of in my career is the people that I’ve helped to learn & create sales. As a free gift to all Entre members, I"m sharing me ebook, "How to TRIPLE Your Sales Results in 6 Months - or less!" Here is the link to my book: https://bit.ly/TRIPLEYourSales The book includes many of the best practices I’ve used to generate now over $500 million is sales for companies I’ve worked with and for. These companies range from Fortune 50 all the way down to solopreneurs and the methods work for ALL companies. If you’d like to learn more about high-ticket selling and how my company, The Sales Activist, could help your 3X your sales results in 6 months or less, GUARANTEED, just text the word “Sales” to 409-509-7355 and grab some time on my calendar to talk 1-on-1. I have no doubt that I can help you dramatically increase your sales results. I hope to talk with you soon!





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