You can’t automate selling, but you can automate all of the auxiliary work that goes into helping an enterprise rep perform their absolute best. Zenn.ai simplifies your team"s deal execution by helping your teams get to market faster all through a centralized interface – that brings together your tools, processes, data and so much more. Our main focus is to help your sales teams grow, accelerate and close more deals, faster and more effectively. This is a pain I’ve felt before myself, as I helped raise the profile of Value-led GTM strategies alongside many groups within a business: prior to Zenn.ai, I was a senior advisor to Domo’s sales leaders and team. We tackled the challenge of business intelligence in every aspect of a business. I was also a Senior Advisor for Marketo and responsible for guiding my sales teams to execute deals with the right mix of value, impact and size to the right customer level at the right time. While at Marketo, we grew from $95M to nearly $540M in ARR, experiencing private company growth, a public offering, sale to PE firm and eventual sale to a public company for $4.75B. I want to help you gain back the control of your deal cycles by rewriting the rules of the game. This means, I want to help you gain back your time, control and run your destiny of being the revenue team that others want to emulate. Please connect with me here if you’re passionate about this problem and want to help solve it.


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