Strengths • Bilingual • OCD Organized • Surfs without a leash Weaknesses • Eats at desk • Needs dual monitors • Forgets seed phrase • Swims after surfboard sometimes I’ve spent the past seven years building eCommerce & marketing for big box retailer. I’m accustomed to fast paced environments & overcoming hurdles quickly became my specialty. In my time there, it felt like being a mad scientist at the helm of an unsinkable ship. I devised a membership program that gained 1K members overnight. Drove $100K in online revenue, from product design to sellout with $0 ad spend… in 2 hours. In the end, I realized that consumer psychology is what really gets me going. Getting in there, digging up the details & being able to strategize from all angles. So… I quit my job & founded Meridian. I like to learn, work hard & take extreme ownership. Let’s connect & see where our paths cross. Maybe on a video call or out surfing a point break, you decide 🤝 Book a free call here: www.meridian.business


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