CEO & Founder of Tree of Science (www.treeofscience.com), Ph.D. in neuroscience with 10 years experience in research and academic teaching - 9 years in digital and social media. Tree of Science will soon launch a free platform for researchers from academia or R&D and independent ones in order to discover the best digital tools for research that will help them save time, be more efficient, and use the most powerful digital tools that fit their needs. Digital solutions providers will at least have their dedicated Product Hunt to help them be known by their targeted users. Tree of Science provides also online services as online training, consulting, and coaching in digital research tools and scientific networks (science 2.0), professional and scientific networking, digital strategy, open science and science crowdfunding for all researchers (from Ph.D. students, academic PhDs to R&D researchers) and research organizations. Let"s improve together with your career in research and your skills!


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