Founder CEO & I AM ABORIGINAL Indigenous. With 100% Proprietorship Ownership Rights of a Brand. A Clothing Line of "Men"s Apparel Women"s Attire." A Traditional & Inspirational Clothing Brand. I"m currently in the midst of an beautiful opportunity, to market & bridge together a foundation of acronyms, within one form of an acronym. (NPSB.) My way to giveth back, to my Aboriginal Indigenous Women & Our neighborhoods of indigenous population. I Have an reputable, refutable and very well documented approach & argument. That will make my business plan, goals and profit margins, well within its own series of business in companies, with revenues that would make an APP. (Think Tank APP.) ABORIGINAL POLITICAL PARTY. ( 1AM. ) Push towards parliament, while legislating profitable and researchable, but ethnical structures that sees our demographic people, moving as 1. Nations of People Strategizing as a Band. Aboriginal Indigenous & Metis. (1AM Movement.) Nothing Personal Strictly Business. NPSB. Non Profit Startup Business. NPSB. Cements a path of creativity, with layers of our own ingenuity and my very own terminology of reverse psychology metaphors. RPM. For example. A Foundation of/for E.V.E (Educational. Vocational. Entrepreneurial.) The other side of the database of the missing data of OUR Aboriginal Indigenous Females & MAMIW-ANIW. "RISE, WARRIORS . . . . ARISE." Researching Isn"t Strengthening Economy, Where As Responsible Research Interprets Our Redevelopement Strategies. (Aboriginal Redevelopement Indevelopement Saving Environment.)


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