During my 20 years in hospitality, I was lucky enough to run some of the legendary beverage programs in the US. Early on I realized that if I wanted to grow in my career, I was going to need to rely on technology to run bigger organizations. At every stop, I created software packages that increased my data visibility to make better decisions, but it was not until I deployed team software that I ran optimal numbers. My last system empowered all of my managers to run better organizations and me to run a better hotel. Now I have worked the last 7 years with startup alcohol brands and beverage tech to modernize hospitality and the beverage industry. I really enjoy the enthusiasm that entrepreneurs bring to their projects. I am happy to give my opinion on any project in the space. Just reach out and I am happy to discuss production, routes to market, market fit, scaling issues and funding. In my downtime, I love the peace of biking in the Las Vegas desert and the sizzle of the grill on the weekends cooking for friends and family.





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