Your Job and Career is Not a Life Sentence! Many people who speak to me often - Wish to create a better life; - Want to enjoy their work more than they do now; and - Often believe that their personal responsibilities and circumstances in life prevent them from doing so. I have been there! And forcing myself into change took a lot of work and effort, but it allowed me to develop the skillset to now help those in similar situations by - Creating personalised strategies that align your work with your life; - Giving a fresh perspective that helps following your dream regardless of social norms; and - Allowing you to pursue YOUR OWN dream of freedom rather than someone else’s. How do we get there? Creating a life you want seems to be on everyone’s mind. Yet, achieving this goal remains elusive to many of us. We have a job, family, responsibilities and financial constraints. So what prevents us from having true freedom that often comes with a feeling of being lost and settling for less than we know is possible? Often its fear of the unknown and rigid thinking that we learn based on watching those around us. And even though it theoretically seems an easy challenge to overcome, we lack clear examples and strategies to do so ourselves. I am no different. Inherently I do not like change. And like many of you I have been raised in an environment where safe jobs are celebrated and conforming to social norms and making a decent living was often the idea of success in life. I didn’t do badly in that world either, rising through the ranks of management and leadership in financial institutions. More due to luck than careful planning I loved every moment of it. Until it showed me that I can love the process but not feel that I live the life I want. And so I felt lost, too. Over the coming years I forced myself into change … and become an expert on changing careers in the process. I left a financially lucrative post in Finance to become a (much less lucrative) Commercial Pilot, flying the Airbus 320 in the United Kingdom. And I took a break from this career because helping people like yourself achieving the same is something that excites started to excite me. What became obvious is that the change itself was not what made the biggest difference. It was looking at my work in conjunction with my life, aligning the two carefully. I knew I wanted to live in a different climate. I knew I wanted to live in a different house. I knew I wanted to be amongst different people. And I knew I wasn’t learning and growing anymore. Pursuing those ideas is hard because YOUR idea of success looks so different to ANYONE ELSES’s. And we are still prone to compare ourselves, aren’t we? Now let’s work through YOUR thought process. What is holding you back? What do you fear? What are the constraints we have to address? And how do we plan for success - not that socially accepted norm of what success looks like. I want you to achieve YOUR personal dream of freedom and success.


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