hiya! I’m kairi, but it’s pronounced Kay-ree I know I know. weird spelling for that pronunciation. I’m a lover of tech! currently based in NZ and looking to connect with people on this awesome platform. web3 is going to be the centre of attention in 5-10 years and I’m working on some web3 projects myself! // tech I’ve been a full stack developer for almost 7 years now, and absolutely love it. I have a serious passion for web development and native mobile apps. I’ve been a business owner and freelancer for much of this time and am looking to release my latest venture in the coming months. // recruitment by day, I’m a recruiter, specialising in tech & IT my large knowledge surrounding the IT industry allows me to accurately match a clients needs with a candidate’s needs. I love seeing the positive impact I have by matching people with their dream jobs, so much fulfilment.


Software EngineerTechnical Co-FounderRecruiter


Diversity/InclusionCrypto/BlockchainSocial ImpactSoftwareTechnology

Looking For

Create contentMeet new peopleBuild a team or hire talent