A born creative and avid networker. My passion is in innovation and connection, the more I am allowed creative freedom and the ability to build amazing teams and positive work environments, the more I feel fulfilled. ✨I am a master of None, But would rather that than be a master of One. ✨ My experiences ranged from NLP certified coaching, Real Estate Investing and creative finance, to building micro niche brands and prepping them for acquisitions. Side projects that bring me joy: I have coached small business to improve their marketing and overall mission objective for their products and services. Mentored CEOs on how to develop empowering work cultures and help bring a sense of community and productivity to their businesses and team relations. I have also coached other entrepreneurs on how to launch coaching programs and scale their mentoring/ mastermind programs. The Value you Bring reflects the Value you Receive: Aside from running my own businesses, I always feel it is best to be of service to the other people in my community and networks. You never know what value you will procure by bringing value to others first. Bonus Round: 💃🏻 Myers Briggs: ENFP Enneagram: 7W8 NLP Fanatic Unschooled - Let’s talk innovating education. Spiritual Misfit Amazon FBA seller Crypto investor NFT Collector // Creator Creative Financing Real Estate ADHD Entrepreneur


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