All the below is true but now with an experienced management team and one of the best AI developers we are launching a digital platform to deliver the proven analog program. A disruptor in the $2B online brain training market, this will be one that actually creates real world benefits based on over 10K positive customer results. Happy to be back and learn from all of you! After 25 years as a C-Level. Process Consultant and Coach, I answered the call from the US Marines in 2007 to innovate the worlds first Targeted Neuroplasticity Training program (Combat Brain Training) to help reduce casualties in combat by improving focus, mental and physical reaction times and better decision making under stress. Based on positive results the program spread throughout select units in the military, including Snipers, Army pilots, Navy SEAL"s, and leadership teams at the Company, Battalion and Regiment level. It remains the only program of its kind endorsed by US Special Operations Command. Backed by neuroscience the program has continued to evolve and improve as it migrated to the civilian sector. Clients now include professional athletes, business leaders and even those suffering from many types of brain trauma. Conducted as a team, communication, teamwork, Emotional Intelligence and overall efficiency significantly improve as well. I"ve been able to establish solid records of performance in several business sectors including Sports, Education, Health Care and Sr. Care and am looking for a partner/investor to rapidly expand the business. I love what I do!





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