I’m a web3-focused UX/UI designer who was an architecture graduate. As a self-taught designer, I started designing in 2018 and was working freelance as a graphic designer. After all the experience and skills learned, web3 caught my full attention. I got my first web3 work experience when I contributed a logo design for the community. Everyone liked it and the founder offered me a job without all the web2 hiring process and led me to more opportunity and experience in the blockchain. I decided to go all-in in the metaverse, and it was one of the best decisions I made. I have worked on a diverse range of dApps and projects from setting the design goals to prototype. I love doing experiments and non-traditional approaches in designing. I am very comfortable doing lean/agile design processes using new tools and collaborating platforms. Craving to learn and experience more on the metaverse. WAGMI!


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