I am currently in school with AIU online Pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration / Entrepreneur I have always loved learning new things. Anything and everything was what I always said. I learn quickly and passionate about whatever I am doing. I have always had the business mindset, just never knew which direction to go since I"m interested in so much. I am not officially established like most of you are but I want to learn more within a couple different fields. I have always had the passion for nature which lead me to photography. Working on figuring out what direction to go with that. As well as working on fb page and webpage at the moment for that I have dabbled in here and there but would love to learn more about Graphic Design, Digital art/media, digital marketing/advertising/social media, seo keywords, and more. I also love doing online research and helping people find either Apts jobs cars info etc I have been doing my own research on SEO optimization and promoting businesses online and how to get more traffic to ur ppc (pay per click) site for a friend with food vlog as well as her research for trending hashtags, social media platforms, trending recipes etc I could ramble forever but just message me if anything





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