Lizzy Babatimehin of Igbo-Ukwu Nigeria Sold out to Training children, youth and all willing adult. The aim of the School is to ensure proper and adequate development of Society and and the fear of God. This will cummilate to having a Society of upright folks who are consumed by right living and the fear of God with love 💕 for humanity. Committed to service delivery to my customers and prospective buyers Ever ready to do business with the interest of the other party at heart Promise to be effective and efficient What are the benefits of bitter kola and side effects? The analysis of results show that the benefits derived from ingesting bitter kola were rated high for cough, bacterial or viral infection and anticancer. The results also show that most of the respondents consider bitter kola having low benefits for relieving food poison, diarrhea or stomach upset. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov › pmc There is so much health benefit in bitter kola and ogbono This is an opportunity to link up with me as I am now a Marchant of the product 😍😄👍 Thanks for your consideration and God bless


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