I'm currently working to develop my modeling portfolio. Champion of aesthetics. Amateur photographer. Driven. Visionary. Open-minded. Risk taker. Opinionated. Free thinker, free speech, free spirit. Down to earth. Unapologetic & fierce. I do what I want & it's just by sheer luck that it's catching. Afraid of the dark. Always eager to learn. Perfectly extroverted if a situation calls for it but will keep to myself if given the option. I believe in magic and people, for the most part. I'm not much of a numbers person, & I was told as a child that I have a mental block for math, thus, I can learn it but seemingly never retain it...anything else I can soak up like a sponge, even in my sleep. Eidetic memory. I'm hoping to expand in my journey for entrepreneurial growth in all facets and endeavors. Ready for anything & open to just about everything!!


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