Lwazi Manqele is an innovative leader and the Creative Director at Global Entrepreneurship Network"s Startup Huddle in Sandton. With a keen ear for the beat of innovation in South Africa, Lwazi"s work is deeply intertwined with the emerging solutions and creative advancements in the region. His initiative, The Podcast Café, reflects his commitment to digitization and skill development, offering a unique platform for brands to evolve in the digital era. Lwazi"s approach to transforming traditional media consumption into audio formats exemplifies his forward-thinking vision, making information sharing more accessible and engaging. Based in Sandton, he has become an integral part of the community, contributing significantly to its growth and the upskilling of its members Source: (1) Sandton entrepreneur Lwazi Manqele leads through The Podcast Café. https://www.citizen.co.za/sandton-chronicle/news-headlines/local-news/2023/09/15/audio-culture-is-the-future-for-information-sharing-in-sandton/. (2) GEC+Africa 2024 - 22 On Sloane. https://www.22onsloane.co/gec-plus-africa-2024-capetown-13-14-march/. (3) ATARAH Solutions - POWER Podcasts - Omny.fm. https://omny.fm/shows/power-podcasts/atarah-solutions. (4) undefined. https://www.citizen.co.za/sandton-chronicle/332170/ame-african-media-entertainment-launch-new-rugby-podcast/. (5) undefined. https://www.citizen.co.za/sandton-chronicle/325349/colored-girls-rock-is-making-the-circle-bigger-with-the-launch-of-their-new-podcast-series/. (6) undefined. https://www.africarena.com/.


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